Premiere Opera Vocal Arts Institute

Opera Program

General Information: Emerging from the immensely successful Premiere Opera Foundation International Vocal Competition & Masterclasses, which boasted unparalleled world-renowned judging panelists and masterclass teachers (Mo. Richard Bonynge, Barbara Frittoli, Catherine Malfitano, Aprile Millo, and Neil Shicoff, to name a few), comes the second year of the Premiere Opera Vocal Arts Institute. We bring the best to you, all in one place. World-class faculty, and amazing performance opportunities, combined with Italian language and culture, all within the backdrop of a stunning Italian seaside town in the beautiful region of Puglia. This just may be one of the most rewarding and educational opportunities of your development and career.

For: Entry-level professionals, young artists, as well as conservatory and college-level opera singers.

Dates: July 22 – August 17, 2019 (4 weeks)

Location: Trani, Italy (known as the “Pearl of Puglia”)

What is included:

  • Voice Lessons: Fine tuning the key to your craft with some of the world’s best vocal technicians. Intense vocal work which is expertly applied to the repertoire in very specific ways; increasing the longevity of your career. Learning invaluable technical skills that you will bring back home to your primary teacher and incorporate as you both best see fit.

    Each week a new master voice expert!

    Week 1
    (July 22 - July 27) DALE FUNDLING - Voice Teacher of megastars Piotr Beczala & Elina Garanca; Mozarteum Salzburg Vocal Faculty.

    Week 2
    (July 29 - August 3) MICHAEL PAUL - Metropolitan Opera Lindemann Young Artists Development Program Vocal Faculty. 

    Week 3
    (August 5 - August 10) BARBARA FRITTOLI - World-Renowned Soprano; Metropolitan Opera, Teatro alla Scala, Royal Opera House.

    Week 4 (August 12 - August 17) BRUNO NICOLI - Teatro alla Scala Vocal Coach & Accademia del Teatro alla Scala Vocal Faculty.

  • Masterclasses: A wonderful open setting where the entire program interactively learns from each other and the Master Teacher.

  • Dramatic Coachings & Scene Staging: Building all aspects of your stagecraft and interpretation. Creating an environment of trust in which to explore all dimensions of the character.

  • Coachings & Role Preparation: Working your repertoire with extraordinary répétiteurs who are fluent in all of the core rep and languages.

  • Great Singer Appreciation Class: Fine tuning your aural comprehension from the greatest singers of the Golden Age, through specific audio and video examples; as to the technique, style and nuance that they left behind for us to study.

  • Career Consultations: World-Class Artist Managers provide one on one consultations and masterclasses, giving guidance on how to ‘break into the business,’ as well as how to maximize your success and reach on social media for career promotion; discovering how to monetize all of your talents and interests as secondary sources of income during your career, thus developing you as a well rounded business-minded professional.

  • Italian Language for Opera Singers: A practical course curriculum geared specifically towards opera singers. Aimed to improve language, phonetics, and pronunciation for speaking or singing. Focused on grammar and conversation, improving pronunciation and expression. Group lessons based on level of fluency (beginner and advanced levels), as well as individualized sessions to incorporate your specific needs and operatic repertoire. (Singers who are fluent in Italian can choose to opt out of these classes, and substitute them with coachings and study time).

  • Performances: Weekly concerts of arias and scenes tailored just for you, with your professional advancement and success in mind.

  • Fitness: Yoga, Dance, and Meditation sessions to treat and affect the entire singing instrument; Breath, Body, and Mind.

  • Housing: The program will be taking over a few Bed & Breakfasts in the center of Trani, with breakfast included, and within a short walking distance to our opera center, the beach, shops, and restaurants. (Single and double occupancy rooms will be available).

  • Airport Transfers: Charter transport from Bari International Airport to Trani Centrale, and back to Bari International Airport upon program completion. (First and last week only).

  • Special Events: Cooking Class, Wine Tasting, Olive Oil Tasting, Boat Cruise, Beach Outings, Private Tours, and more.

  • Welcome Dinner & Farewell Reception (First and last week only).

Program Tuition Options:

—> $1,650 per week for any one week 

—> $3,300 for any two weeks ($1,650 per week x 2 weeks)  

—> $4,500 for any three weeks ($1,500 effective price per week | $450 SAVINGS!)

—> $5,700 for the full four weeks ($1,425 effective price per week | $750 SAVINGS!)

We recommend either the full four week program option or three week option in order to get the most out of the opportunity that you can as well as the best discounted pricing, however we realize that financials, prior commitments, and scheduling may prevent you from doing so.

If you choose not to pay the full tuition upfront, a non-refundable $750 deposit is to be paid upon acceptance, and then the remaining balance to be paid in two equal installments on May 25th and June 25th.

SAVE $200 off the total fee by paying the entire tuition upfront upon acceptance - for full program or three week participants only.

A limited number of partial scholarships may be available on a case by case basis, based predominantly upon need, but with consideration to merit as well.

Sample Daily Structure:

  • 9:00 - 10:00 Fitness,Yoga, Meditation & Breath Control Class

  • 10:00 - 1:00 Voice Lessons & Coachings/Language Class

  • 1:30 - 3:30 Riposa: Lunch/Study/Beach

  • 4:00 - 6:00 Master Teacher Masterclass/Lecture/Group Discussion

  • 6:00 - 8:00 Voice Lessons & Coachings/Scene & Concert Staging

As of the start of the program, July 22, 2019, there will be no refunds issued.